How To Choose The Right Stability Ball

How To Choose The Right Stability Ball

Stability balls are large, inflatable balls used to strengthen and tone the body, particularly the core muscles of the pelvis, abdomen and back. Stability balls range in size from 30 cm for petite individuals or children, to a generous 75 cm for much taller people. In order to use a stability ball safely and effectively, it must be the right size for your body.

Exercise balls are available in a wide range of sizes, suitable for individuals under 4 feet, 6 inches, to individuals who are more than 6 feet, 2 inches tall. Balls are sized in centimeters, and some companies may color code the balls to match the size. General size guidelines are accurate for most people; however, you may find a larger or smaller ball more comfortable if you are near the top or bottom size limit.

Here are some guidelines on how to choose the right size for you:

4’ 6” or less = 30 cm ball.
4’ 6” to 5 feet = 45 cm ball
5’ to 5’ 5” = 55 cm ball.
5’ 6” to 6’ 2” = 65 cm ball.
6’2” inches or more = 75 cm ball.


Another method of determining the correct size of ball for your size is to sit on the ball with both of your feet planted on the floor and your weight evenly distributed. Your knees should be at hip-height or slightly lower, creating close to a 90-degree angle at both the knees and hips. Also note, the more weight applied to the ball, the more it will compress. If you are above-average in weight, you might want to move to a larger ball in order to compensate for this compression, allowing the knees to sit at the recommended 90-degree angle.

Lastly, for safety reasons, choose a ball that is described as ‘anti-burst’. This feature ensures that the ball will slowly deflate in the event that it is accidentally punctured.

Stability balls provide an excellent opportunity for toning and stretching; however, they do require a substantial amount of balance, and falls are a possibility. Consult with your health care provider before integrating a stability ball into your fitness routine. Start with simple exercises that keep your feet anchored on the floor and progress to more challenging ball routines as your personal fitness improves.


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