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Tennis Elbow Pain Solution - Manual and DVD (EFISP)

Product Description

Heal Your Tennis Elbow in 15 Minutes a Day

Tennis elbow can have a devastating effect on your quality of life, making everyday tasks a challenge. Even something as simple as lifting a cup of coffee or playing with your kids can become impossible. So fix it—fast—with the Tennis Elbow Pain Solution.

Comprehensive Video Exercise Program

The Tennis Elbow Pain Solution contains everything you need to quickly heal your pain:

- Self-Assessment Package

- Quick-Start Cheat Sheet

- 3-Stage Comprehensive Exercise Program

- Exercise Quick-Reference Guide

- Progress-Tracking Sheet

Learn Exactly How to Heal Your Pain

Avoid common mistakes and do the exercises right. Know how many reps to do, how many sets, and the intensity you need to maintain.

The program uses 5 approaches to attack pain from multiple angles: Massage, Static Stretching, Isometric Strengthening, Eccentric Strengthening, and Scapular Exercises. Use all 5 approaches to heal your tennis elbow and prevent it from recurring.

Created by Pain & Injury Expert The program was created by Rick Kaselj, a kinesiologist and pain and injury expert with 20 years’ experience. He devised the program after studying 20 published medical and scientific research sources. While no solution will work for everyone all of the time, programs based on real scientific research work better for more people—and faster.

Get Rid of Tennis Elbow for Good

Don’t let tennis elbow prevent you doing the things you love. Get the Tennis Elbow Pain Solution today and start healing your pain fast.

Program Highlights
  • RELIEVE PAIN IN 15 MINUTES A DAY: Follow the program anytime, anywhere, to strengthen and lengthen muscles and tendons around your elbow damaged playing tennis, golf, or other sports
  • TACKLES PAIN FROM 5 ANGLES: Heal and strengthen muscles in the elbow, arm, and shoulder via Massage, Static Stretching, Isometric Strengthening, Eccentric Strengthening, and Scapular Exercises
  • SIMPLE AND NATURAL: Simple workout and stretches for your body, no need for icing, armband, brace, strap, sleeve, band, or medication; learn exactly what to do and avoid common mistakes
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Includes a Self-Assessment Package, Quick-Start Cheat Sheet, 3-Stage Comprehensive Exercise Program with videos and manuals, Exercise Quick-Reference Guide, and Progress-Tracking Sheet
  • BASED ON SCIENCE: Program devised using published medical and scientific research to ensure it is more effective for more people to help treat and cure severe and chronic pain in and around joints


Digital access to the program is included! 

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Very helpful
Hi Robert. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience about Tennis Elbow Pain Solution. . We strive to help more people like you in addressing painful injuries safely and health improvement Take care always !

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