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Shoulder Pain Solved - Digital Download (EFISP)

Product Description

A fast and effective solution to chronic shoulder pain

“Shoulder Pain Solved” is the natural pain solution for men and women suffering from shoulder pain. A video treatment program based on scientific research and created by a kinesiologist with 20 years experience, it tackles stiff shoulders using 10 approaches to relieve pain fast.

Included in the program:

- Self-Assessment Package
- Quick-Start Cheat Sheet
- 3-Stage Comprehensive Exercise Program
- Exercise Quick Reference Guide
- Progress Tracking Sheet

Includes 10 approaches to tackle your pain

Shoulder pain has multiple causes and it needs multiple treatment methods. “Shoulder Pain Solved” takes 10 approaches to tackle the causes of shoulder pain, focusing on:

Breathing, Posture, Self-Massage, Mobility, Static Stretching, Fascial Stretching, Vertical Hanging, Isometrics, Shoulder Blade Strengthening, and Rotator Cuff Strengthening.

Pain relief in 15 minutes a day

Despite the comprehensive approach, “Shoulder Pain Solved” has been devised to be simple and quick to follow. The original program has been refined over 15 years, and it now takes just 15 minutes a day to complete.

You can follow this program anywhere you want to on your own, whether at home or in the office. It’s a personal treatment plan and there is no need for assistance

Get a solution to your shoulder pain fast

There is no silver bullet to cure all shoulder pain, but this program has helped many people to eliminate their chronic pain over the years.

So click ADD TO CART and eliminate your pain fast!


Program Highlights 

  • RELIEVE PAIN IN 15 MINUTES A DAY: You can fit this treatment program into your schedule at any time of the day; no assistance needed and no need for pills, medicine, supplements, or other pain relievers to heal your chronic pain fast
  • TAKES A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH: No single solution works for everyone, so this system takes 10 approaches from breathing to massage to tackle your pain from all angles
  • GET PAIN-FREE FAST: Heal stiff and sore shoulders for good, build strong muscles, and do what you love; play tennis, golf, have fun with the kids and grandkids, sleep better, and enjoy a better quality of life
  • BASED ON SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: Devised by a professional pain relief specialist, this program is based on the findings of dozens of scientific research papers and medical studies; no miracle cures promised here
  • REFINED OVER 15 YEARS: The program has been modified over the last 15 years on real patients experiencing real pain; it has worked for hundreds of people and been refined to maximize its success rate


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Customer Reviews

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Yes! It totally works!
Hi Robert, We are happy to hear you had a positive experience about Shoulder Pain Solved. Your feedback helps us constantly to improve our programs and to help out more people to address painful injuries safely and to improve their health. Take care!

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