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How long will it take to heal and return to a normal pain-free life? 

Most people significantly underestimate the amount of time it takes to get back to a normal life after knee replacement surgery.


Recent medical research has some answers about how to recover from knee replacement surgery, and get back to a pain-free, active life, FASTER.

Combining the most leading edge knowledge and years of professional experience, we've created a research-based program that has been implemented by hundreds of real clients and customers who have had profoundly positive results using our system! 

Introducing the Knee Replacement Handbook

Knee Replacement Handbook Is A Simple, Step-By-Step System Of Gentle Movements And Easy Stretches That Can Help You Recover From Your Knee Replacement Surgery And Get Back To A Normal, Active, Pain-Free Life FASTER…

The exercise routine in the Knee Replacement Handbook was intentionally designed to be very easy and very convenient, so people actually do it on a consistent basis… because that’s the only way you can get the results you want.

Why this routine is so easy and convenient:

  • It only takes 16 minutes (or less) each day to complete
  • You don’t need a gym
  • You don’t need to drive anywhere, you can do this in the comfort of your own home
  • You don’t need to change into special exercise clothes
  • You don’t need any expensive equipment, you can do this exercise routine with just your body and a floor
  • You don’t need to shower after you do the routine, because you won’t even break a sweat!

Do you have any of the following concerns? 

Are you worried you’re too old to do an exercise routine like this?
Are you worried about your balance, or that you might get injured, especially after your surgery?
Are you worried you’re too out-of-shape?
Are you worried you can’t do this because you’ve never really exercised consistently (or at all)?

Please don’t worry about any of these - this exercise routine has taken all of these into consideration.

  • This routine was designed specifically for men and women between the ages of 50 and 90, who have had (or will have) knee replacement surgery, knowing fully well that people in this situation have very unique and specific exercise needs and capabilities.
  • The movements and exercises in this routine are extremely gentle, safe, and easy on your joints.
  • This program follows a gradual progression model that starts you out with a very low-impact, low-intensity, and short-duration routine - one that virtually any person can do, regardless of age, fitness, or exercise experience. Then, if you want to progress and increase your results, we show you how to easily accomplish this too.


Get back to your life the way it was before surgery and all this terrible knee pain.

This 3 stage program is a simple, yet comprehensive system designed to help you recover as quickly as possible. You'll receive instant access to this video based exercise program which includes everything you need to safely, gently assist your knee recovery process. 



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This program works!
Hi Bethany! We really appreciate you taking the time in giving us a 5-Star with the program you have purchased from us the Knee Replacement Handbook. We strive to help more people in addressing painful injuries safely and health improvement Take care always !

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