10 Easy Movements For A Stronger Core (EFISP)

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Strengthening your core is THE KEY to better balance, improved mobility, increased strength, more flexibility... and avoiding LOSS OF INDEPENDENCE

You probably already know this, but...

Science has shown that as we age we lose muscle and strength, and this can lead to balance problems.

And decreased strength and balance issues can lead to all sorts problems — difficulty doing everyday things, bad falls, serious injuries, even premature death!

It turns out, with just a little bit of easy exercise, you can avoid all of that.

But, it needs to be the right kind of exercise, and it needs to target a specific part of your body—a group of muscles called “the core.”

The core is really the key to better balance and better “everyday” strength because your core supports basically every movement your body makes.

Introducing 10 Easy Movements For A Stronger Core

10 Easy Movements For A Stronger Core is a video exercise program you can do at home, completely on your own. It’s a simple, 7-minute program of easy and gentle movements that use just your bodyweight and some inexpensive items you can easily purchase online or at a sporting goods store. You can also use household items in place of these. We explain everything thoroughly in the program, including where to buy these inexpensive items, and exactly how to use them.

This program is designed to gently strengthen your core, so you can reduce and eliminate back pain, sculpt and tone your abs and other parts of your body, improve your sexual performance, improve your balance and avoid dangerous falls, have more energy, burn more calories throughout the day and lose weight, and retain your independence by making everyday tasks easier. The real benefits are more confidence, a lighter, healthier body, and more joy in your life!

The videos in this program show you how to do each and every exercise perfectly, in exactly the right sequence, with exactly the right number of repetitions and sets, all laid out for you, in explicit detail.

Get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to 10 Easy Movements For A Stronger Core program today! 

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Easy to follow program
Hi Kelly! We really appreciate you taking the time in giving us a 5-Star with the program you have purchased from us the 10 Easy Movements For A Stronger Core. We put customer satisfaction as our priority with this Easy-to-Follow Program. Your review reaffirms the hard work we put in every day. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions, comments and concerns. Take care!

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